The Los Angeles Chapter of the Asian American Journalists Association

Los Angeles Chapter Stipends

Internship Stipends

The L.A. chapter offers stipends to subsidize AAJA-L.A. members who take unpaid or low-paying internships. The program is open to students, recent graduates and beginning professionals with less than a year experience. Two $500 stipends are available each trimester (fall, spring, summer).

Applicants must be dues-paying members of the chapter and must set up or get their own internship prior to applying for a stipend. Applications are due the first day of April for summer internships, August for fall internships or December for spring internships.

To apply, submit a cover letter, resume, writing samples and a letter from the media outlet offering the internship. The cover or accompanying letter from the media outlet must state that the internship is unpaid or offers only nominal pay. The cover letter must also discuss the applicant’s involvement with and service to the chapter or AAJA, applicant’s interest in and activities involving journalism and financial need.

Send applications for stipends for broadcast, print and online media internships or for more information, email Jinah Kim at

In awarding stipends, the chapter will consider financial need and the applicant’s record of service to and involvement with the chapter or AAJA. In addition, first-time interns will be given priority over applicants who have had previous internships.

Members with yearlong internships must apply each term.

Stipends will be disbursed as follows: Fifty percent upon approval of application. The remaining 50% upon completion of the internship and submission of 1) an article for the chapter’s Web site, 2) work samples and 3) a letter from the media outlet certifying completion of the internship.