The Los Angeles Chapter of the Asian American Journalists Association

National Professional Programs

Visit the National AAJA website for these professional programs:

Multimedia Training Opportunities

AAJA, in partnership with the AT&T Foundation and their Excelerator program, is offering free Multimedia Training Opportunities for AAJA student and professional members in 2008. Training sessions offered include half day to four-day classes on using mutlimedia equipment, digital and HD cameras, as well as sessions on Mac digital editing, video production as well as Final Cut Pro 6 and Dreamweaver. AAJA members will also be able to work on their multimedia projects at AAJA National’s digital workstation in the AAJA National Office.

Digital Media Workshop at CNN

A two-day Digital Media Workshop in Atlanta, GA on April 24-25 for broadcast, print or digital media members. Deadline March 10.

Executive Leadership Program

The AAJA Executive Leadership Program (ELP) looks at how Asian American and Pacific Islander values relate to high-level decision-making processes and leadership development.

AAJA Radio Network

The AAJA Radio Network is an electronic discussion group formed January 2005 to allow AAJA’s public radio and commercial radio members an opportunity to share career and personal news, advice and ideas with one another. Wilma Consul of National Public Radio moderates the discussions.

Mentor Programs

AAJA offers mentorships to encourage members to share their expertise by becoming a mentor or develop professional skills by requesting a mentor.


AAJA provides free workshops, classes and panel discussions throughout the year to address current topics of interest to Asian American and Pacific Islander journalists. AAJA’s innovative approach to bringing together AAJA members in different parts of the country has been to offer, E-Classes, which are scheduled classes taught online with personal instruction and live interaction among class participants.

Study Tours

AAJA partners with organizations such the United Nations Development Programme to offer study tours and a deeper look at what is going in developing countries in Asia and Southeast Asia.


AAJA supports and encourages the advancement of mid-career journalists in the newsroom. In our aim to further these goals, we offer the following fellowships to provide our members the opportunity to attend career-building programs.


This three-day program provides chapter leaders the skills to build themselves, their team, their chapter and their local networks and coalitions. The program is designed to hone participants’ leadership skills and provide a venue to discuss effective national and local strategies to help achieve the organization’s goals.

Professional Opportunities at AAJA Convention

AAJA offers diverse workshops as well as seminars by media organizations, one-on-one critiques by top print, broadcast and visual journalists, a career fair with media companies and organizations, as well as opportunities to apply for AAJA national journalism awards at our UNITY: Journalists of Color Convention at McCormick Place West in Chicago, Illinois on July 23-27, 2008.