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NBC News to offer Tim Russert Fellowship

Tim Russert Fellowship

Message from Steve Capus of NBC News:

We’ve spent a long time thinking about how to honor Tim Russert’s legacy at NBC News. Keeping in mind everything that made Tim so special, I’m pleased to announce the formation of The Tim Russert Fellowship.

Beginning on March 23rd, we will begin soliciting applications for a one-year, paid position in the NBC News Washington, D.C. bureau.  The fellow will work on a rotational basis in key areas of the bureau including assignments on “Meet the Press” and with the NBC News Political Unit. Responsibilities will include assisting talent and producers, participating in news shoots, and story research. The goal is to give one graduating senior the opportunity to be mentored by seasoned NBC News staff members and truly experience a yearlong “boot camp” in political journalism.

We are working with top colleges across the country to find an all around outstanding student, who not only displays a talent for journalism but also is a proven leader dedicated to improving the community. NBC News will continue to sponsor the Fellowship for years to come as a lasting tribute to our friend, Tim.

Tim Russert Fellowship applications and candidate requirements will be available on from March 23 through April 10.

No one will ever replace Tim, but with this program, we hope to foster a new generation of journalists that we know would have made him very proud.