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L.A. Press Club Hosts Hands-On Twitter Workshop with Mark Briggs, April 16

L.A. Press Club Hosts Hands-On Twitter Workshop with Mark BriggsMark Briggs is a social media expert and author of the book, Journalism 2.0

Hollywood, CA. The Los Angeles Press Club is hosting a special hands-on Twitter workshop this Thursday tonight with Mark Briggs. The social media expert will show how journalists and news organizations can use Twitter to shape a new kind of storytelling. He will also have tips on how to mine the ever-growing universe of tweets for breaking stories and sources. Finally, he will share best practices so journalists can ensure the information is reliable.

WHO – Social Media Expert and Journalism 2.0 author, Mark Briggs

WHAT – Hands-On Twitter Workshop with Mark Briggs

WHEN – Thursday, April 16, 2009; 6 p.m. to 9 p.m.

WHERE – The Los Angeles Press Club @ 4773 Hollywood Blvd. , Hollywood , 90027; Plenty of free parking behind the building (enter off of Berendo Street ); Click here for a map; Metro: Red line, Sunset/Vermont station
WHY – When a jetliner landed in the Hudson River in January, editors at Associated Press scanned Twitter for messages or “tweets” from cell phones near the plane. They also found a photo of the downed plane. Twenty-one year-old Janis Krums fed it from his iPhone, beating out professionals by many minutes. The image of the plane floating as passengers walked on its wings was adopted by the AP and other news agencies-and now it is the one many of us remember when we think of the crash. That is just one way journalists are harnessing Twitter’s power to bridge citizens and journalists; Twitter news feeds from print, TV, radio, and web organizations are another.

FYI: Free to press club members. All others: $20. Bring your laptops and cell phones.

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