The Los Angeles Chapter of the Asian American Journalists Association

AAJA on Laura Ling, Euna Lee sentencing

The Asian American Journalists Association is deeply disappointed in the sentencing of journalists Euna Lee and Laura Ling in North Korea.

The two U.S. journalists who work for Current TV were sentenced to 12 years in labor prison today. AAJA is concerned about the women’s safety and asks that the North Korean government reconsider the sentence.

“We call on all parties in a position to work diplomatic channels to free these two journalists,” said Sharon Chan, AAJA National President. “We hope a way will be found to return these two women to their families.”

Lee and Ling were detained March 17 for allegedly crossing the border into North Korea while reporting for Current TV, an online news site. They had told relatives before they left that they had no intention of crossing the border, according to Laura Ling’s sister, Lisa Ling. North Korea and the United States do not have diplomatic relations. Swedish diplomats have visited the journalists twice on behalf of the United States and carried letters back to families.