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Summer Internship- Interactive Content (

Requisition # :FNG19166
Job Title :Job Category :Internships Summer Internship- Interactive Content (
Company :Fox Broadcasting Company
State :California
City :Los Angeles
External Job Description :Summer Internship- Interactive Content (

Description of the department:
The Editorial team is responsible for publishing the content on the site. We edit sports news stories and entertainment from business partners, exclusive writers, and wire feeds, then packaging the content to present it in attractive and innovative ways.

Current projects and tasks that will be assigned to the intern(s):
The Editorial intern will assist in a variety of tasks, including but not limited to:

1. Content Management. Become familiar with our Content Management System (CMS) and learn to crate content into the CMS, including stories, polls, and HTML and video components.

2. Copyediting. Reviewing AP content from the wires to find errors; back-reading content on the site for consistent use of AP and House style; advanced interns will also proofread, considering clarity and grammar at an earlier stage.

3. Updating the Site. Gaining an understanding of the content ranking process and physically participating in the transitions (learning why and how we change out a story or move content through the site).

4. Developing Content. Examine what resonates with our audience (through questioning editors for anecdotal evidence and also looking at statistical data) and then pitching ideas – in particular, making suggestions for engaging “top 10” gallery concepts, and then executing those ideas (finding the photos on AP and Getty, writing captions, putting the images together in the CMS, and finally publishing and relating/inlining to similarly themed content).

5. Art and image research. We strive to create centerpiece (CP) presentations with a unique visual difference. Interns will examine the question of how to best illustrate content, from light-hearted opinion pieces and quirky video presentations to highlight reels or serious news topics. They will then participate in the building the presentations, working with the editors and photo editors to appropriately pair headlines and blurbs to the visual presentation.

Learning objectives:
At the conclusion of the internship, the intern will have learned:

1. How editors use a CMS to control and manage mass quantities of content.
2. How to copyedit content with the use of a style guide.
3. How and why content is moved throughout the site on a daily basis.
4. What attracts readers to a piece of content and how to retain their interest, as well as the relationship between various pieces of content (and how that increases reader time on the site).
5. How a visual presentation works together with the words to pull in readers or viewers.
6. Interns will also learn about market audiences, how to write effective headlines, how social media is used to promote content on the site, how news budgets are used and how concepts go from idea to finished published content.

•Must have an interest in sports
•Must have an interest in internet media, publishing or journalism
•Must be tech-savvy and comfortable working on PCs and learning new software
•Must have strong communication skills
•Must be respectful of journalistic rules, but be willing to have fun with stories and their presentation
•Prefer strong research skills
•Prefer strong organizational skills
•Prefer strong interpersonal skills
•Prefer strong writing skills

Here’s how to apply
1. Go to
2. Select Job Search
3. Select Fox Broadcasting for company; Internships for job category; California for state and city for Los Angeles
4. Select Summer Internship- Interactive Content (
5. Log in and apply