The Los Angeles Chapter of the Asian American Journalists Association

AAJA LA and CSUF Team Up For Comm Week

By Phil Ige

The Los Angeles chapter of the Asian American Journalists Association got involved with Cal State University Fullerton’s Comm Week, a week-long event for ambitious students interested in a higher dose of education in the world of print and broadcast journalism from experienced, professional journalists.

The AAJA panel discussion, titled “The Future of TV News,” moderated by KTLA photojournalist and AAJA LA Board Member Phil Ige, touched base on the current state of TV news, as well as the direction where the broadcast medium is going.

The discussion included a three-person panel, which included representatives from KTLA and KCBS/KCAL.

The changing makeup of TV news, the main theme of the discussion, means news professionals must be able to keep up with the changing times, said KCBS/KCAL multimedia journalist Melissa Mecija, one of the panelists in attendance. “If you are willing to adapt and learn, then there will be a job out there for you,” she said.

Mecija said that while there has been a lot of publicity on downsizing in the news industry, that job growth will eventually return with time.

“The world of journalism is undoubtedly changing at a rapid pace, but there will always be a place for news”, Mecija said.

One pertinent point that students received was how upgraded technology has shaped how TV news is performed.

“The future of TV news will be dictated by the technology that’s yet to come,” said Jeff Nguyen, a writer and web producer for KTLA 5, and another one of the panelists. “The industry has always been advanced by equipment that has allowed us to deliver information with the greatest immediacy.”