The Los Angeles Chapter of the Asian American Journalists Association

KPCC Social Media Internship

The social media intern will work closely with KPCC’s social media editor to help train reporters, producers and others on social media. They’ll also work on improving KPCC’s branded accounts in terms of strategies. This is not just an internship where you’ll be tweeting here and there. You’ll work directly with those responsible for growing our engagement and help provide ideas on improving. You’ll also work on an intense social media analytics project.

By the time you leave, you’ll be able to run campaigns, tweet and facebook effectively, train others on social media strategy and work on kick-ass SMO projects that few other media outlets do on a regular basis.
It’s an unpaid internship, but you’ll be paid immensely in experience. We’re flexible on work hours, but interns typically work 20 hours a week, with hours that we’ll work with you to set.
If interested, please e-mail Kim Bui, social media and community editor/ KPCC: