The Los Angeles Chapter of the Asian American Journalists Association

Nominations open for 2015 AAJA-LA Board

Link to 2015 AAJA-LA Board Nomination for Candidacy Form

We are writing in hopes that you will consider taking a leadership role in AAJA-Los Angeles as we recruit for a dynamic 2015 chapter board. We seek thoughtful, creative thinkers, those bursting with ideas but, even more important, the passion and energy to implement them. As a chapter, we host the popular V3 Conference (V3con) and Trivia Bowl, along with workshops on media access, networking, writing and more.

If you are ready to serve our membership of more than 100 professionals and students, we are ready to partner with you. The deadline to submit your name for this year’s ballot is 11:59 p.m. Pacific time Saturday, Oct. 25, 2014. The election will begin around Oct. 28, with the distribution to current members of an electronic ballot, and end at 11:59 p.m. Pacific time Sunday, Nov. 2, 2014.

The following positions are open:

— President (one-year term)
— Vice president of broadcast (one-year term)
— Vice president of print (one-year term)
— Treasurer (two-year term)
— Board of Directors members (three one-year terms and three two-year terms)
— Student representative (appointed, one-year term)

Please read below for details on the positions open, job duties and the election timetable, and to find a link to the self-nomination form.

We thank you for your attention. Here’s hoping we’ll be able to join together to build our chapter and our multimedia skills in the coming year.

Questions? Please email:


Connie K. Ho
AAJA-LA Secretary 2014-2015

Jocelyn “Joz” Wang
AAJA-LA National Advisory Board Representative 2014-2015


PRESIDENT: The president shall be the chief executive officer of the corporation and shall, subject to the control of the board, have general supervision, direction and control of the business and officers of the corporation. S/he shall preside at all meetings of the membership and at all meetings. S/he will be the chief spokesperson and advocate of the local chapter, recruit members, direct organization of chapter events, oversee fundraising activities, and speak at public engagements when asked.

VICE PRESIDENT OF BROADCAST and PRINT: In the absence or disability of the president, the vice presidents in order of their rank, if any, as fixed by the board, shall perform all the duties of the president, and when so acting, shall have all the powers of, and be subject to, all the restrictions upon, the president. The vice presidents shall have such other powers and perform such other duties as from time to time may be prescribed for them respectively by the board under the AAJA bylaws. The vice presidents shall recruit and encourage journalists of their respective media to join AAJA, help lead the organization on planning of chapter events and act as top advocates for the chapter and their medium.

TREASURER: The treasurer shall keep and maintain, or cause to be kept and maintained in accordance with generally accepted accounting principles, adequate and correct accounts of the properties and business transactions of the corporation, including accounts of its assets, liabilities, receipts, disbursements, gains, losses, capital and earnings. The books of accounts shall be at all times open to inspection by any board member. S/he will advocate for the chapter, help plan chapter events and help recruit members.

BOARD MEMBERS: A board member will be informed about AAJA’s mission, services, policies, and programs; serve on committees or task forces and offer to take on special assignments. S/he will advocate for the chapter, help plan chapter events, help recruit members, and participate in fundraising activities. (All AAJA-LA board members are expected to take an active leadership role in the planning/execution of V3con and/or Trivia Bowl.)

[Appointed] STUDENT REPRESENTATIVE: The student representative is an appointed, voting board position that is open to student members of AAJA-LA. Although this is not an elected office, the Board of Directors requests nominations for consideration of this position. Outside of voting, the expectations and requirements for the student representative are the same as other board members.


Expectations and requirements for all officers and board members: The officers and board members will do their best to attend quarterly board and general membership meetings. All terms will begin Jan. 1, 2015. One-year terms will expire on Dec. 31, 2015; two-year terms will expire on Dec. 31, 2016. Additional expectations and requirements are to pay dues, be prompt and responsive to email correspondence, help plan and produce V3con, Trivia Bowl and other AAJA-LA events, lead or serve on at least one committee, lead or organize at least one chapter event per year and participate in fundraising activities.

For nominees: Please provide your contact information, a photo, a brief bio (50 words maximum) and a brief description (50 words maximum) of why you would like to run for office. You may submit your candidacy information using this form by no later than 11:59 p.m. Pacific time Saturday, Oct. 25, 2014.

Only current full, gold or platinum members of AAJA-LA are eligible to run or vote for the open positions; all nominations are subject to eligibility verification.

Candidates may nominate themselves or be nominated by any other AAJA-LA member in good standing. Members who nominate others for an office should verify in their nomination that the nominee has confirmed his or her willingness to stand for election.

Those elected to new terms will serve with incumbent board members whose two-year terms will continue until the end of 2015:

Secretary: Connie K. Ho
National Advisory Board Representative: Jocelyn “Joz” Wang
National Advisory Board Representative: Denise L. Poon
2014-2015 Board Member: Susan Hirasuna
2014-2015 Board Member: Jennifer Quong