Food media helps shape our understand of what we eat and where. But recent controversies Bon Appetit’s pho video show that the media still struggles when culture, identity and food intersect. On April 24, join us at the Pico House for a conversation between chefs and journalists about “ethnic” food, appropriation, authenticity and how media portrayals shape our understanding of the food world, sponsored by Panda Express, AAJA Los Angeles and the Chinese American Museum. 

How do” cheap eats” lists reinforce the idea that food made by immigrants is less valuable? Why are some cuisines ethnic but others aren’t? What makes us call a restaurant authentic? How can the food media tell better stories?

We’ll have lots of food and time to ask questions at the end. 

DATE: April 24, 7 p .m.

TICKETS: $15, $5 FOR AAJA members

424 N. Main St.
Los Angeles, CA 90012


Tien Nguyen, food writer


Diep Tran of Good Girl Dinette

Ria Dolly Barbosa of Go Get Em Tiger

Roy Choi of Locol

Johnny Lee, Side Chick


Amy Scattergood, Los Angeles Times

Cathy Chaplin,

Katherine Spiers, L.A. Weekly


Locol: chicken slaw, beef chili, & veggie chili

Side Chick: Hainan chicken

Good Girl Dinette: vegetarian curry handpies

Go Get Em Tiger: cookies & pie

Beer and wine available for purchase


Asian American Journalists Association. Los Angeles Chapter. Established 1981.