Scholarship Testimonials

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Heidi Carreon University of Southern California

As a strongly-identifying second-generation Asian American, I am deeply interested in using journalism as a means to bridge communities. Whether bridging between different generations of Asian Americans or bridging Asian Americans with non-Asians, I want to use digital journalism as a means to elevate the narrative of Asians and Asian Americans so as to generate a sense of empathy and understanding. USC's journalism school is equipped to help me with just that, and being an AAJA recipient allows me to focus more on honing my skills rather than worrying how I would be able to pay for my education.

Scholarship Award Winner, 2016

Aditi Mayer University of California, Irvine

College students often face a cloud of uncertainty as they slow grow closer to joining the workforce-- receiving the AAJA-LA Scholarship was reaffirming in my skills as a young journalist; it felt great knowing that active and talent professionals saw potential in me. Apart from providing financial support, the AAJA network has provided a myriad of connections of passionate individuals at the intersection of the journalism and Asian American communities. 

Scholarship Award Winner, 2016

Leandra Ito California State, Northridge

I received the scholarship at a time when I was unsure of my future in journalism. I have always known what issues I felt strongly about and how I wanted to address them through journalism, yet the competition of the field left me feeling unsure of my ability to make an impactful difference.

I cannot express how grateful I am to the LA Chapter of AAJA, for helping me rediscover my confidence as a journalist, feel more solidified in the visions I have and, through the scholarship funds, begin my current project of raising awareness on sex trafficking in the United States.

Scholarship Award Winner, 2016

Linda Wang University of Southern California

By working in China for the past two years, I learned that as an Asian American, I'm uniquely positioned to facilitate interactions that strengthen U.S.-China relations. This sense of responsibility I feel has led me to enroll in the M.S. in Journalism degree program at USC in order to grow as a storyteller. Receiving the AAJA-LA Scholarship not only helped finance my graduate studies, but more importantly, introduced me to a community of journalists who are passionate about the industry and see the value of mentorship.

Scholarship Award Winner, 2016

Megan Ono California State University Long Beach

As a college senior, uncertain of the future ahead, receiving the AAJA-LA scholarship was the ultimate confidence booster. Knowing that highly trained professionals who I look up to, saw potential in me was a feeling that I will never forget. More than anything, being a scholarship recipient connected with the amazing AAJA-LA community who have helped me move along in my career and still serve as mentors/friends today! 

Scholarship Award Winner, 2013

Samantha Masunaga UCLA, UC Berkeley

The AAJA-LA scholarship was the beginning of my involvement with this organization. Not only did it help me pay for my undergraduate education, giving me more flexibility to do internships during the school year, but it also opened the door to many mentoring opportunities and allowed me to meet industry professionals who helped me advance in my career.

Scholarship Award Winner, 2011

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