AAJA-LA developed, abides and enforces the following International Trivia Bowl Federation competition rules:


Each team may have as many as 10 members. Once the competition begins, no substitutions are allowed. No one may sit at a team table except its 10 original designated players. Trivia Bowl will have four rounds of 20 questions each. The question categories will include: science, current events, history, geography, California, sports, pop culture, literature and arts/entertainment.

David Ono, the emcee, will read aloud the questions. Sitting at their designated table, the members of each team work together to fill out the answer sheet. The emcee will read each question twice. Competitors are advised to write down the questions for their reference.

The name of the team and its captain must be written on the answer sheet for each round. Failure to write the team name on the answer sheet can result in forfeiture of the entire question round. All answers must be legible and in English unless another language is specified. Answers must be written on the exact line corresponding to the number of the question.

Only one answer per question will be accepted unless more than one answer is clearly requested. When multiple answers are requested, all must be correct for the team to obtain the point. When a person’s name is requested, last names are acceptable unless first and last are specified. Phonetic spelling is acceptable unless the correct spelling is specified. There are no partial points for an answer.

Once the emcee has read the 20th and final question of each round, teams have two minutes to complete their answer sheets. Room monitors will collect the sheets from team captains and take them to the judicial bench. Once an answer sheet is submitted, no changes are allowed.


After each round, the emcee will read aloud the questions and correct answers after game officials have collected the answer sheets. The judges will review and score the answer sheets during this time. Team scores and standings for each round will be posted on the scoreboard.


Any challenges to questions should be brought to the attention of the Quiz Masters by the team captain or a designated representative before the end of the evening competition. The game manager’s decision is final. No competitor may speak to the judges or scorekeepers. The team with the highest score at the end of the fourth round wins coveted one year possession of the perpetual Rice Cup trophy.


No one who leaves a team table while a round is in progress will be allowed to return until the team submits its answer sheet. Please make all trips to the hospitality table, refreshment area or restroom before or after rounds.


The use of all electronic devices (phones, tablets, laptops, PDAs, cameras, video devices, etc.) is strictly prohibited while a competition round is in progress. If any such device is visible, game officials will request that it is put away. Any person who uses such a device must leave the team table and may not return to the game during that round. Game officials have the discretion to deduct as many as 10 points or an entire round from a team’s score if any member violates this rule. Texting or tweeting about or livestreaming the event is permitted only between competition rounds and by non-competing official game managers.


No printed materials other than those provided and sanctioned by Trivia Bowl organizers and sponsors are allowed on the team table. Anyone caught using cheat sheets or notes will be subject to the same penalties regarding the improper use of electronic devices. Purses, bags, briefcases and items containing printed materials must be placed on the floor.


Team member substitution is prohibited at all times during the competition. Once the competition begins, a team may not replace an original player with another individual. If for any reason a player must leave the event, the team must proceed without that member. Game officials have the discretion to deduct as many as 10 points from a team’s score if such violations occur.

During the competition, spectators may only be in designated areas. Noncompeting spectators (including guests, chaperons and parents) may not stand near or approach the team table while a round is in progress and until the team submits its answer sheet for that round. All communication, oral or otherwise, is prohibited between a team and spectators while a round is in progress. Game officials have the discretion to deduct as many as 10 points for violations.


If any teams are tied for any of the top three places in the overall standings after the end of the final round, “sudden death,” will be used as a tiebreaker. The rules will be announced at the start of the competition.

Asian American Journalists Association. Los Angeles Chapter. Established 1981.